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Halloweenize your website!

When you say Halloween, the very first thing that comes to mind is dressing up and going trick or treating. But it didn’t start that way and going door-to-door and getting candy event every October 31st came much later. Halloween is originally a Celtic festival from more than two thousand years ago. It only reached its current popularity in 20th century. But regardless of the history and its roots, Halloween is, without a doubt, strong with easily recognizable symbolism so why not use it (and do it abundantly) to attract more visitors to your website?

Halloween Countdown

If you're throwing a Halloween party and want to attract as many visitors and, in turn, sell all the tickets for it, the age old (well maybe not as old as Halloween itself but still) method is tried and proven FOMO factor. So, the easiest thing you can do is to put a simple countdown until Halloween to your website. Yes, we know that you might not be quite tech savvy and designing a countdown from scratch might be a hassle and existing countdown plugins for WordPress might not be spooky enough for you. Look no further and simply go with Halloween Countdown plugin. Just install it and slap a [hcount] shortcode to the page where you want countdown to show, and you're done. It's that easy to use yet it's very effective on the event pages and will certainly boost your ticket sales. But if you want to know more on how to sell out your event, there are plenty of other methods which we have covered here.


Not sure what is Tickera? Go here to find out!
Did someone say pumpkins and bats?

If the countdown is not enough, you can go extra mile and have additional Halloween decoration on your website in seconds with a simple plugin called Halloween Panda. Just don't ask us why it has Panda in its name - we have no clue. You might be concerned with the fact that its WordPress page states that it has not been updated for quite a while now but we have tested it and we can confirm that it works just fine on the latest version of WordPress. With this plugin and a few simple clicks, the front end of your website will get a seasonal makeup featuring pumpkins, ghosts, spiders and whatnot, all crawling and falling all around your website. But if you want even more spiders and flies on your website (or want just these), you can go with this plugin as well.


Fonts... I want fonts!

Okay, okay, we get it. What's Halloween without spooky fonts, right? While you are absolutely right about this, we still recommend you to use some easily readable fonts for your paragraph parts (reading fancy fonts is quite hard when there's too much text). But when it comes to headings, you can go crazy! Nowadays, many themes support font selecting from within theme customizer so if your theme supports this, you're golden. But if it doesn't there's an easy way to add and use fonts from Google Fonts library. The plugin Fonts Plugin | Google Fonts Typography will let you easily install and use Google Fonts to your website. And as for the Halloween compatible fonts, we suggest you try Bungee Inline, Shojumaru and Ranchers. You're welcome.


This Halloween thing is super! I want more!

Got the insatiable hunger for Halloween decoration all of a sudden and want the whole shebang? We hear you. In that case, may we suggest switching to Halloween theme for your WordPress website? There are a few free themes available in WordPress theme repository. Namely, Halloween Party (works great if you're organizing a Halloween party) and two a bit toned down themes but still Halloween themed - Spooky and Halloween. And when it comes to paid themes, the choice is a bit wider and a good starting point to search for such theme is here. Of course, if you know how or your designer is exceptionally friendly, you can tweak CSS of your existing theme. In this case, choosing colors wisely is very important so we believe you might Color Hunt's Halloween color palettes helpful at least as a starting point.


I'm selling tickets for my Halloween party - any ideas?

Oh, of course. In one of the previous posts, we have explained how to create nicely looking ticket. Employing a solution provided there, you can have great looking, Halloween themed tickets. Just don't get carried away too much to forget to put barcodes and QR codes to your tickets 'cause, you know, they're kind of important 😉

Also, if you want to include some extra perks with the tickets to your event, you can run Tickera alongside WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce and create ticket types as variable WooCommerce products which will allow you to have, for example, one variation that is ticket only, another variation includes a candy, third one goes with candy and refreshing beverage, etc and each of these can have a different price. To learn more on how to create ticket types as WooCommerce products, we suggest checking our documentation and instruction video found here.

But, if you want to offer some other perks at no extra charge, for example, if you want to throw apple bobbing on your event and want to know how many children... pardon... people to expect, you can utilize our Custom Forms add-on and place, say, radio buttons with the label Will participate in apple bobbing? followed by simple Yes and No radio buttons. You can then place this information to the ticket itself and even export it with our CSV Export add-on.

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