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2019 – a year in numbers

Maintaining and updates

From its beginning to the very end, 2019 was a very busy year in Tickera realm. For example, first update of Tickera core plugin was released as early as January 2nd followed by yet another update seven days later. Over the year, we have released fifteen updates of Tickera core plugin, some of them being important as they have followed changes introduced with new versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. Also, 49 more updates for Tickera add-ons were released, totaling 64 updates combined in 2019. To put the things into perspective, over 2019,  429 total commits were pushed by our developers.



The numbers our developers achieved this year are impressive but are only one part of the story. Our support platform, where all the action happens, was as busy as a beehive. Our support agents had a stellar year and have resolved 7990 support ticket, responding on average within less than two hours upon submitting and more than half of the support requests were resolved after first response. Also, our rating on WordPress.org climbed to 4.7 stars and we've got some very nice reviews and comments.

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Big changes with Tickera licensing and sales

Another significant change that happened during 2019 was our switching to Freemius as our official reseller and licensing management system. This happened at the beginning of June so with a time distance of little less than six months we can say confidently that this was a great move for both us and you as our customers. Sales and licensing was a huge weight that we had to carry on our shoulders and which directly affected our productivity. With Freemius, all of that is simply gone and we can now focus on what we do best: further development of Tickera.


Custom work

As a direct and immediate result of having more time to focus on development is a fact that we have created just shy of seventy custom/unofficial add-ons (69 to be precise) that we have made publicly available within our Solutions area. Apart from this, we have created 150+ add-ons tweaked specifically for particular customers with specific needs for their event ticketing scenarios. Making these custom add-ons often pave the way for good ideas that are later implemented as official features of Tickera so we're always willing to listen the feedback of our customers and their ideas.


What's next?

The year 2020 started busy as well with the official update of Tickera core plugin released on 3rd of January 2020. This update brought many fixes and new features more of which you can find here. Also, we have released a completely new official add-on called Event Listing. This add-on is a direct result of demand from our customers to be able to display all their events in neatly designed list with options for their visitors to filter all the events based on categories and event dates. Of course, we have a lot more cooking for you in Tickera kitchen for the year 2020 but we believe we're off to a good start






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