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Which Skills Make Great Event Managers?

You think that the job of an event manager is fun, dynamic, profitable and full of challenges? Well, you are definitely right, each and every event organization will challenge you, make you move quicker than you think you are able to, and bring food to your table while you are having fun on the way. Some skills that event managers possess can be gained through learning and experience, but some of them truly are thrust upon them when they are born. Our experience in this field brings you a list of qualities that each event manager must possess, but you need to judge by yourself whether you are cut for this business or not.



A good event manager must be able to communicate successfully with clients. This encompasses the skillfulness to draw the customers to your services and convince them that exactly those services that you provide will make wonders to their event. Clear, instructive and supportive communication with customers, potential customers, associates and staff involved in the project is one of the most important skills of an event manager. Good communication skills enable event managers to communicate with people of different backgrounds, ages and industries, to get the job done and make everyone leave the room as winners.

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The process and organization leading up to cooking the egg can tell you a lot about the cook. - David Chang

The same goes for an event organizer. The way you organize events and your approach to the organizational part will be your image builders. Meticulous structure of planning an event, well defined goal and vision of the end result, alongside the detailed procedure of the stages should be the rule book of a successful event manager.Good organization in event management business gives you credibility and builds trust of your clients.



If you have the organizational part covered, there should be no issue with multitasking. Event organization requires preparation and execution of multiple tasks. Each of them must be carried out as soon as possible but with care and attention, while any kind of problem must be attended immediately with doing your best that other tasks are not affected or compromised.  As large number of people involved in the event relies on managers and considers them to be the source of instruction and information, make sure you live up to this task for the sake of having everyone doing their part of the job. In addition, never forget to keep your calm, as you need to multitask other events as well. An event manager must be well programmed multitasking machine, whose software unmistakably sets priorities, carries out tasks and plans activities on time.



After having managed several events of the same kind, some people give in to the success becoming too relaxed, while others feel bored or dissatisfied having encountered the magic of repetition. Some, on the other hand, do not have enough work on their hands so they start panicking and falling into despair due to the thought that their business will fail. Whatever happens to you, just have your mind on one thing – persistence. If you wish for your success to persist, you need to nourish it all the time, and if you want to move from a standstill, then take a step back and evaluate how good your idea is and what will get the clients to you. Boredom can be easily eliminated, just try changing your approach from time to time.



Now, patience is something that everyone should possess. When it comes to event managers, patience might just as well save their heads. Working with different people, fulfilling wishes and making dreams come true face them with myriad of demands, which inevitably lead to plan changes. Losing patience improves the chances of your client leaving. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to understand that the customer is always right and that competition is too strong. So, arm yourself with patience and charge!



As the market changes so will you. Do not try to hold on to the old habits and things that functioned so well earlier. New generations prefer new solutions and ideas, and your ability to adapt to the changes of the modern world and society is what will keep you in the business. Keep track of the trends and stay on the top of your game.



In the successful organization, no detail is too small to escape close attention.
-Lou Holtz

This job cannot be done by using fixed patterns. Imagination, creativity and ability to foresee and anticipate are required. Everyday change of plans, contingency and human indecisiveness require a high level of resourcefulness. Creativity on the part of event manager is what gives that special something to an event. Being unique and making events special for each and every client can get you over your head, but creativity is the thing that will put you through and make you stand out on the market and against competition. Nevertheless, when your creativity and client’s collide, you might need to step away and put your ideas aside. Have this one in mind as well, and do not let creativity get in your way.



This one may not be a skill per se, however, in our opinion it should be turned into a skill and here is why:

There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mendela

Can this be applied to your event planning? No matter how big the event you are organizing is, always do your best and thrive towards giving not just your best but the best out of yourself. Do not settle for having a mediocre company and providing ordinary, by the book events. Make them leap out and burst forth making the brand out of your effort. If you are not doing it with passion, better not do it at all.  

In the end, there is no most important or least important skill. They all create a set of crucial features that will distinct you from others and tell you whether you will succeed in the event management industry or not.  Finally, as Jim Rohn put it simply, success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

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