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Wedding Events

Wedding days are the big day in the couple’s life. If you have experienced the event going through process, then you must know about the huge responsibility behind it. The bride and groom are relying upon you for their very big day. Besides that your event management skills are also been tested. Wedding event involves too many things. So, things can easily get messed up. Wedding event management requires lot of skills and effort to avoid mistake and deliver a perfect wedding.
A wedding ceremony consists of many events. They are starting from wedding rehearsal dinner, wedding to wedding reception. All these involve guests, friends and family. All in all, it is a big picture of wedding. As the event is big, the responsibilities are bigger. The bride and groom have lot of expectations from the event and especially from the event manager. In order to arranging a successful wedding event, managing all of the events is very important. A wedding planner should plan all these events individually.
The wedding events are all about the bride and groom. They are the main focus of the occasion. It would be really hard for an event manager to live up to their expectation as the expectations are endless from a wedding event. A wedding planner sets the entire plan by discussing with the bride and groom and their families. Everyone has different taste and preferences. Here their preferences are important than any other things as it is their big day. It is better to talk to them and get their requirements perfectly. Also keep in mind the season, time, place, environment etc.

Rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal dinner comes at the very first in the queue of wedding events. There is no reason to take it as a light job. It is not necessary of every one to attend the dinner. Let’s give the bride and groom a little bit surprise. What say? They would be happy seeing everyone around them. This simple task done by the event manager can bring happiness to their face.
Then let’s come straight to the event. The venue should be chosen carefully. It could be an open place or indoor. Let the couple make the choice. An event manager’s job is to arrange the dinner perfectly wherever they want. The decoration should be refreshing as it is for welcoming the bright future for the couple.
For a rehearsal dinner, food is the most important part. Foods have to be light but should have variety. You may include the bride and groom’s favorite dishes. Beverages also should be supplied along with the food. Some entertaining factors can be added to the event. Moreover most importantly everything should be done perfectly without making any mistake. Even if mistakes happen, it should be tackled carefully so that it does not spoil the event.


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Wedding day

After rehearsal dinner is the time for wedding day. The wedding day covers the wedding ceremony. It does not include guests or don’t call for celebrations. It is just about the wedding rituals which are performed in the church. The job of the event manger here is to arrange everything in the church, get the bride and groom ready for the main event, set other important things like decoration and others ready. Everything should be perfect as the couple is going to begin their beautiful journey.


Wedding reception- the big day

After marriage ceremony is the wedding reception. This is the main celebration for the wedding. It is the real big event for both the organizer and for the couple. Huge guests come to give their blessings to the newly wedded couple. Everyone celebrates the day with them to make the day special for them.
First of all planning should be done for the reception. The way the couple likes it, grand or simple; it should be done in the very same way. A wedding planner may suggest them with some ideas. It can be a theme wedding. People usually like romantic theme for wedding reception. But now days fairy tale, horror, natural, mermaid etc themes are also in.
The decoration is an important part in wedding event. The decoration is usually gorgeous so that it can easily be recognized. If you have selected a theme for the wedding, then the decoration should be according to the theme. Flowers, balloons, lights are some common elements for decorations. But creativity takes them to a different level.
As we have mentioned earlier in this very big day the spot light remains on the bride and groom. So, they need to look exclusive on their wedding reception. The dresses that the bride and groom will be wearing should be exclusive. Let them chose their outfits but give them proper suggestions. After dressing up there is make ups. The complete makeover will make them look stunning.
Since many guests are coming to the event, food arrangement should be up to the mark. The menu must be selected before and here again give emphasis to the choice of the bride and groom. Food must be ordered before the event so that you don’t be late to serve them to your guests. Do not forget to arrange a range of drinks. Your guest should have variety of choices in your collection.
Managing a wedding event is far more than just a job. It becomes a passion. I agree it is a huge responsibility. But it comes with lot of satisfaction also. Being an essential part of someone’s most special moments will give you immense pleasure. Your work will be satisfactory when you will see happiness in the eyes of the bride and groom. Mistakes should be avoided in this event. But none can be perfect. So, mistakes may happen. But the mistakes should be handled in a way that it does not spoil the event.

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