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VoguePay is a Nigerian Payment Gateway. VoguePay is a unique online payment processor which  offer buyers and sellers a secure and easy-to-use online transacting business. VoguePay allows site owners to recieve payment for their goods and services on their website without any setup fee.

It’s an excellent platform to pay for product and also to receive payment. The idea is to help Nigeria out with online payment issue. Here we will explain VoguePay works.

Receiving Payments With VoguePay

VoguePay offers you to receive payments from your clients directly into your bank account, no matter the bank or type of bank account. VoguePay is pretty superb for this purpose.

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Making Payments With VoguePay

Now you have ability to purchase online without having to go through the inconvenience of credit card. VoguePay present the opportunity of paying for stuffs directly from your VoguePay account. The number of website that gives the option of paying with VoguePay grows every day and has tendency  to VoguePay be on almost every Nigeria/Africa website.

Funding VoguePay

You wll need to fund your account if you wish to buy staff online from a website that support VoguePay service. It’s vary easy and fast, all you need to do is to go to your Dashboard and click on Fund Account under the account option, this will redirect you to Etranzact secure Payment system. Here you’ll be required to input your bank card details and the amount you want to fund your account with. Right away the amount will be debited from your bank account and credited into your VoguePay account.

Other VoguePay features

- One user account for unlimited no of websites: You have ability to accept payment from unlimited number of websites with VoguePay payment platform. All under a single account.

- Accept payment without a website: You don't need a website before you can receive payment on VoguePay. You can simply login and send an email invoice to your client.

- Withdraw money from your VoguePay wallet to your bank account: Withdraw money any day. There is no special days of the week/month for withdrawal. You can withdraw into as many bank accounts as you wish.

- Transfer money to other members: You can transfer money to other VoguePay members from your VoguePay account.

- Track all SMS and email messages: Track all sent and recieved invoice messages, transaction messages and notification messages.

- Receive email or SMS alerts on all your transactions: You can choose to receive sms and/or email alerts for every transaction on your account.

- Free extension/modules for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal: VoguePlay provide free modules that you can install for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

- Multiple payment options: Accept payment through several channels - Interswitch, Mastercard, Verve cards, eTranzact, Visa cards, More to come...

- Free mobile phone applications:

VoguePay & Tickera

Recently Tickera  implemented VoguePay payment gateway. Now merchants from Nigeria have opportunity to sell tickets for wide range of event formats.

In just three steps you can start selling your tickets using Tickera plugin:

1) Create your VoguePay account .

2) Find Merchant ID on your account page





3) Input your Merchant ID into Tickera payment gateway setting

As you can see it's vary easy to use VoguePay payment gateway. But it's not only easy it's secure, too. Vogue Pay takes security issue very serious so you and your customers could be sure that no online credit card fraud is possible.




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