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How Tough Is The Life Of Event Planners?

A career in even management sounds like a dream job for many. The market is rather stable; there are vast job opportunities, decent wages, flexible working hours, dynamic working environment, frequent traveling, attending parties and even getting into contact with celebrities.

Even though, this sounds great and is mainly true, it still is not all milk and honey.

Everything in life comes with a downside and the same rule applies here. If you are planning to pursue career in event management industry, it is important to see the other side of the coin of this exciting job.

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Social life

If you work as an event manager, you will be blamed for not managing to find time for socializing and entertainment. Working hours actually depend on the scope of activities and the number of events that the event planner covers. Usually, the working week is about 40-50 hours, but in cases of bigger events the work does not stop until the event ends successfully. What is a characteristic of this job is that managers have to be available to their clients all the time. They never know when something new will come to their client’s mind, and the situations call to be resolved immediately. What happens if they fail to respond and take dinner with friends instead? Well, competition rubs their hands.



As an event manager you always have to work on multiple tasks. Why is that? It is because of the complexity of events which requires simultaneous action for a number of clients. This job characteristic brings a certain amount of pressure, and the only way to cope with it is to learn how not to break under it or lose your way in numerous duties, errands and assignments.


Many people many demands

While working with people is dynamic and interesting, it is also full of uncertainty. One day there is a set plan, but the next day everything can change. Imagine organizing a wedding. You have a list of things you need, a hall for the ceremony, music, catering, flowers, invitations, the wedding dress, and the suit for the groom – the list is covered. But, as in any wedding, there is the volatility of the newlyweds who have their own idea of perfection; and mind you, these ideas usually change overnight.  The more options you have, the more things are prone to change. Nevertheless, you, as a manager, have to stay positive, riant and to fulfill each and every of the client’s request, since the client is always right.


Getting rich is not an option

First, you need to establish what your definition of rich is. Do not expect yachts, villas, Ferraris and similar luxury, however, do not get discouraged either. If you succeed in this business and make your way among the great competition, you will probably live a normal, comfortable life.


Everything does not go as planned

In the field of event management, the practice has shown that the plan is one thing and reality is something else. Event manager must adapt to the current situation, no matter what was previously planned.

Event manager must adapt to the current situation

The band that supposed to perform at the fundraiser canceled, wedding intended to be held outdoors is spoiled by the downpour, seminar will have more participants than originally planned etc… Make peace with the fact that not everything can be controlled, have a plan B for every possible situation and loosen the grip of perfection.


Physically demanding work

Although it might not seem like it, this job is physically demanding. Part of the work that is done from the office is insignificant compared to the fieldwork. Meeting with clients, finding venues for events; the entire organization requires a lot of movement, little sleep and barely enough time to eat and rest. Events more than often require traveling, but it is positive that managers can visit many new places and countries.  

If you are letting yourself into this job only for the money, you are pre-destined to fail

Life of an event manager is specific and, as you can conclude, not easy at all. On one hand, it requires a lot of patience, organization, knowledge, perseverance, and on the other, all the love you can have for this kind of work. If you are letting yourself into this job only for the money, you are pre-destined to fail. Nonetheless, overcoming obstacles, resolving issues, and making people satisfied will give you pleasure that overcomes merely successfully organized event but gives content in doing what you love.

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