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Handy Tools For Every Event Management Organizer

The world of apps, software and numerous tools is growing by the hour. Old fashioned ways of communication with clients and holding meetings are becoming increasingly turned to the online world and that is exactly where all of our information is being stored. Whichever industry you belong to and whatever the business you are leading is, you can most certainly find various aids that work to enhance your efficiency and boost productivity.

If you are an event manager who is looking for great tools which would help in managing event organization, then you might find this list useful. On the other hand, if you do not find these tools suitable for you, you will definitely be inspired for finding the right one.


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Presenting your work effectively

Whether you are trying to win the clients over or the deal is already made, convincing them that you are the best for the job is the first task for you as a manager. Instead of talking too much, try being as concise and specific as you can. It is proven that people are visual beings with a limited attention span, so you can use that to present your offer. Presentation software such as CustomShow, and alike, make your portfolio presentation always available, online and offline in various formats. Usually, software are optimized for all devices, and what is important, they make your file organization and data presentation visually great, professional and successful as long as the clients are interested.


Keeping tracks of the meetings

If you were asked to describe an event manager in one word, what word would it be? For us that is multitasking. A number of clients, a large number of associates, team members and staff, venues, catering, flowers, sound system etc. all call for meetings that need to be attended. Remembering each and every meeting and being everywhere on time can be easier with a tool such as SignUp4.


Organizing tasks

In event management, task organization is the crucial thing. Managing one event is doable in the old pen-and-paper way; however, managing ten events is not a different kind of story but a whole new genre. Keeping tracks of the venues, caterings, bands and due dates is a challenging task which has no room for mistake if you want to be regarded a professional. You do not want to have a party clown sent to a wedding venue, or corporate anniversary celebration.    

Trello is here to make your professional life much simpler and get your different events classified with clear labeling and task distribution.


Promoting your event

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

Events that do not have a specific list of guests or attendees must be promoted and you want to do this smartly. Of course, you need to think about the best place where to put your ad, as well as to be strongly present on social networks. In addition to that, there are tools that can reach out to your audience by event category and location.  One of such tools is Evvnt, where once the necessary details are submitted, you get a list of websites frequently visited by your target audience and after 24 hours a report saying how many people saw your event and how many clicks you got.  A handy little thing, isn’t it?


Selling tickets

Forget about hiring a designer, printing the tickets, selling them, taking care of the money and keeping track of the number of people who enter. By making Tickera your ticket manager, there is at least one thing you do not need to worry about in your event organization. Among other things, you can collect information regarding the menu preferences, after party attendance and additional comments from the attendees.


Getting feedback

Feedback about your event is something you want to have no matter what. Compliments are always great, of course, but on the basis of constructive criticism you can improve and evolve. One of the tools that can give you an insight into what people think about your event is Eventifier. The almighty hash tag will notify you about comments, sharing, likes, links and mentions on social networks as well as posted photos and videos before, during and after the event.


Every event manager is different as much as each and every event differs.  As any other person, organizers think differently, approach problems differently and have different organization stages. Nevertheless, what all of them share is keenness on success and a shortcut to that success are online management tools available to everyone at any time.  All it needs to be done is investigation, research and trying them out until the most suitable one is found.

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