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Bring The Fun To Your Fundraising Event

Organising a fundraising event does not have to be tiresome, tricky or complicated. Whether you are a small non-profit organisation, mid-sized business or a corporation, you can make your fundraising simple, successful, and in the long run - memorable.

Whether you are a small non-profit organisation, mid-sized business or a corporation, you can make your fundraising simple, successful, and in the long run - memorable.

There is a crucial question for every fundraiser organiser and that is: When people make donations? This selfless and altruistic act happens when people feel sympathy and compassion, as well as the gravity of the cause for which you are fighting. Also, if you show them that they can actually make a difference, this is the point where your efforts start paying off. However, as fundraisers are held due to serious causes, you need to work on eliminating the seriousness and putting people at ease.

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In order to make your fundraiser outstanding, notable and easy to organise, you just need to follow these steps:

1. Set the budget as it will set you on track.

Stick to the budget plan and you will avoid surprises together with agitation. Start with making a list of the expenses which encompasses costs from renting a venue to printing the thank you notes, and end with putting aside some money for unanticipated costs.

2. Theme up!

One of the ways to appeal to people’s emotions and make them fell content at your event is to set the right theme. Of course, during Christmas and New Year this is easy, but what to do when you run out of ideas in the middle of August? One of the possibilities is to turn your fundraiser into a Disco night/ afternoon event or an International dish day where guests will pay for the entrance fee. The internet is the home to suggestions which will make your event unique.

3. Choose the venue.

After you have set an exciting theme for the event, you should think about the right venue. Space is one of the things you should consider as you want to avoid the impression of an empty room and low turn out. Furthermore, decoration, lighting and sound system will set the atmosphere during your event.

4. Sell tickets and raise money.

Instead of collecting money in a box or countless envelopes, the safest and the easiest way to track and note donations is by using a Ticket System. Additionally, while the participants of your fundraiser are buying tickets online and the money is going to your cause, you are keeping track of all the people you will say “thank you” later.

5. Bring the fun to it!

Raising spirit sometimes seems a bit of a headache, but it is actually quite easy. Involve everyone and make them all participate by setting up contests, quizzes or sports events - these always turn out to be effective. But, if you think you are not creative enough and have difficulties coming up with ideas, there is always a professional to hire to do it for you.

6. Give original incentives.

Giving out symbolic prizes to the participants is never a miss. Nevertheless, for some additional fun and a pinch of making a statement, you can ask the participants to wear a ridiculous, multicolour garment a funny hat or odd clothes for the occasion, which can be removed only after a specific set of tasks is carried out. In addition to that, arranging a cream pie attack for the losers can be a great out of the ordinary incentive. Moreover, you can also ask for the losers to donate more money – but do not get greedy, make it a symbolic penalty fee.

7. Get everyone involved.

Fundraisers are a synonym for involvement and participation. As an organiser, you should put yourself out there and set an example to the volunteers and other staff. Organize a gathering for volunteers where you will praise their effort and show how important their work is.

8. Send your “Thanks”.

Expressing your gratitude is the final step for a successful fundraising event. If during the event you could not mention all of the benefactors and participants, you should take time to do that after the event. A considerate and moving thing to do is to write on a thank you card who benefited from their donation and contribution. Add a personal touch to it by saying something like:”Thanks to you, ten children will have books for the next school year.” or “Thanks to your efforts, the children’s hospital repainted the rooms for the patients.”

In the end, fundraisers are all about making a difference. Helping makes us all feel humane and to remember the goodness in people. Events like these are not just charitable gestures, where money is being donated. On the contrary, they are fun, easy to organize gatherings where we selflessly give a piece of ourselves to others.


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