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7 Things To Consider When Organizing A Band Gig For Your Club

It all seems so simple looking at those clubs and bands that have been in the business for some time. The club organizes a gig, the band comes, plays, people have fun, and the club takes its earnings and closes up. Can it really be that simple? Not really. The organization of club gigs includes steps crucial for a successful club event and knowing them can save your time while making your profits rise.

There are numerous things to consider, but taking these seven as a base can make your job a whole lot easier.


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1. Purpose

When determining the purpose of your event, some of the questions to answer are: Does your club need a band for recurring events or you intend to host a onetime event? Do you just need to improve the turnout for specific dates when the traffic is low or you wish to have it going on all the time? Do you want to seat down the audience or you want that extra space by making them stand? Setting the purpose will affect the atmosphere of the evening and the choice of band, type of music and eventually songs.

Does your club need a band for recurring events or you intend to host a onetime event?


2. Band

Of course, an obvious question when hiring a band is what kind of a band do you need? This greatly depends on the image of your club and what is the impression you want to make? And not just that but what kind of audience do you have, want to keep and aim to draw? These questions are your guidance that will make good time and spread an even better word.

3. Repertoire

It happens more than often that the club relies on already made repertoire that the hired band is prepared for. However, as the owner knows the profile of the guests and their expectations, it would be good to at least check the list planned by the band.

The repertoire will depend on the type of guests and their expectations, their gist for jazz or keenness on country. Do not make a mistake going for the band that will play soul if your guests enjoy pop.

Of course, order in which the songs will be played is something that should be left for the band to decide once they see the response of the audience.

4. Instruments

As the organizer and venue provider, make sure to take band’s instruments into consideration. Ensure a dry place for storing the instruments as humidity can damage them. It may happen that band members will need to leave their instrument for the next gig or until they arrange transport in your club, in which case ensuring a separate room or storage would be in order.

5. Date

What is out of the question is that you want your club to be full for the event.

As a club owner you already know the days when you have the most visits, but what you want to keep in mind is what happens in the clubs around you and will some event of the same type drag your customers away. Try to be one step ahead of the competition and to check for the events coinciding with yours.  

6. Marketing

Marketing does not have to be expensive these days, especially if you know how to use social networks. Building a strong online presence of your club will give you credibility in the online community. This credibility is what brings virtual visits which eventually turn into regular guests of your club. In a strong virtual community, and with the strong online image, you only need to post the date of the gig. In the beginning, the name and popularity of the band will market you, while after some time it will be the other way around.   

7. Professionalism

The image you create is almost essential as the quality of the show and the service. Live up to the expectations of your guests. Make sure your performers are not late for the show and that they look professional. Instruct them to come earlier so as to prepare themselves, and do sound check before the majority of visitors arrive. What is equally important is to agree on the ending time of the gig.


If you follow these guidelines, respect , guests, fans and band members you will have a lot of successful gigs, popular club image and your profit will inevitably be on the rise.


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